A Smaller Social History Of Ancient Ireland: Treating The Government, Military System And Law, Religion, Learning And Art, Trades, Industries And … And Domestic Life Of The Ancient Irish People – Patrick Weston Joyce (1906). Dublino: M. H. Gill e figli Ltd,  574 p., [3] carte di tav. : ill.

Patrick Weston Joyce, commonly known as P. W. Joyce (1827 – 7 January 1914) was an Irish historian, writer and music collector, known particularly for his research in Irish etymology and local place names of Ireland. Joyce was a key cultural figure of his time. His wide interests included the Irish language, Hiberno-English, music, education, Irish literature and folklore, Irish history and antiquities, place-names and much else. He produced many works on the history and culture of Ireland. His most enduring work is the pioneering The Origin and History of Irish Names of Places (first edition published in 1869). He was a member of the Royal Irish Academy.

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