The initiatory way to Avalon

A path of practical initiation into the Avalonian mysteries

At the very mention of the name Avalon, our minds echo the stories told by bards in great ancient castles or in a forest around a crackling fire, the vision of mists slowly receding in the presence of a sincere and pure heart, revealing a luminous and silent realm within our souls.
Ynis Afallach is the name given by the native people to this place of Wisdom and Balance, a place where each traveller can begin a unique and personal journey in search of the Wyrd guided by the Spirits of Wisdom present on the island, such as the priestesses of the Great Goddess, the clans of warriors and knights, the brotherhood of druids and druidesses and the elemental spirits of Nature, all sacred guardians of the boundaries between this world and the Other. With these words, which hardly express and clarify the nature of Avalon, it only remains for me to wish you a wonderful journey into the Sacred Mysteries of the Apple Island.

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Course program

The online course is divided into three parts of approximately 90 minutes, where the following topics will be covered:

First Part

Avalon: historical origins of the myth and symbolism

History, myth, legends and symbolism linked to the island of Avalon

Second Part

Accesses to Avalon

The oldest and most important sacred sites in Europe of direct access to Avalon

Third Part

The spirits, clans and brotherhoods of Avalon

A description of the inhabitants and guests travelling to the Sacred Island of Apples

The course will be held by:

Aindreas Fàél (pseudonym of Hasan Andrea Abou Saida) is an independent historical-archaeological researcher, book consultant and writer. For more than 10 years he has been carrying out in-depth studies and research on various topics (esotericism, magic, spirituality, initiatory traditions, religious philosophical doctrines, folklore, etc.) trying to trace the most ancient knowledge and rituals of Indo-European peoples. Author of numerous articles and the book “Un viaggio ad Avalon”.

Anne A. Cailleach is a spiritual traveller between worlds, a guide and an expert trainer of holistic well-being. She is the author, together with Johannes Green Fox and W. Riter, of the book “I tarocchi degli spiriti verdi. Uno studio di arbeologia“.

The total cost of the online course is 50 euro (including handouts) and can be paid by Postepay Recharge, Bank Transfer or Paypal. The practical part of the course will be organised according to the number of participants.

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