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Consultancy and book research

The firm provides consultants and researchers who are experts in retrieving documentary and book information on multiple topics (History, Archeology, Anthropology, Folklore, Popular Traditions, Esotericism, Religion, Spirituality, Alchemy, Magic, etc.) through a network of efficient collaborators and experts in the antiques market and in the book sector. You can call us directly or write to us via email to book a totally free consultation with no obligation. Learn more by clicking here.

Healing the family tree

Family memories constitute a significant influence on our decisions and destiny from birth. By embarking on a path of knowledge and purification, we have the opportunity to heal and offer support to our ancestors, thus helping to restore energetic balance in the family tree. To learn more about this topic and discover more details, please click here.

Fragrances of the soul

Through an in-depth astrological study of your birth chart, we customise exclusive fragrances using natural essences that harmonise with your soul and spiritual nature. These fragrances are designed as a daily support to help you restore your inner balance, creating a unique and meaningful olfactory experience in tune with your personal essence. To find out more, contact us directly here.

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