Consultancy and book research

L’Antro di Thoth provides consultants and researchers who are experts in the recovery of documentary information and rare, out-of-print and out-of-print books on a variety of subjects (History, Archaeology, Anthropology, Folklore, Popular Traditions, Esotericism, Religion, Spirituality, Alchemy, Magic, etc.) through a network of efficient collaborators and experts in the antiques market and in the book sector.

How we do the book search

From your request, we immediately begin the search for the hard-to-find book or texts through our private third-party contacts, specialty bookstores, and antique dealers, either online or in person.

Within 48 hours of your request, you will be notified by email or Whatsapp message of the outcome of the search and text availability. The consultation is free of charge while the search has the additional cost of 5 euros per book searched excluding shipping costs.
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