Healing the family tree​

Healing the family tree involves recognising and accepting the elements of the family past, known as family memories, that can impact our current life and destiny. Through mindfulness work, emotional root exploration and a study of our family tree, an attempt is made to transform negative patterns and energetic blockages of the family legacy into positive resources. This process facilitates emotional healing, both of ourselves and of the entire collective family consciousness, and allows us to build healthier connections and balanced relationships.

What does a family tree healing session consist of?

The beginning of family tree rebalancing starts with an initial one-to-one consultation where we will discuss and explore different topics together:

  • Research and information gathering: an in-depth investigation of your family tree is carried out and data is gathered on family members, significant events, relationship dynamics and situations that could influence your emotional health. Starting from the subjective genosociogram compiled prior to the survey, a comparison is made with the objective genosociogram based on the actual data collected.
  • Analysis and identification of patterns: based on the information collected, we then jointly identify recurring patterns, emotional ties or key events that may influence your current experiences. The aim is to gain awareness of how past family dynamics may be related to your current challenges.
  • Energy work: having identified the recurring patterns that most influence your life, an individual family construction is carried out, using certain divinatory tools, such as tarot cards or crystals, as representatives of the family members. A symbolic representation of the family tree is created where the most influential dynamics between the representatives resurface, offering the opportunity and awareness of particular family issues to be addressed and balanced.
  • Resolution: A slow and progressive change in the arrangement of the representatives in the sacred space will lead the system back into proper alignment, restoring harmony and balance.

Prices of our consultations

Individual consultations

An individual session costs 120 euro for a 90-minute interview, either online or in person.

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