The books of Jeu and the untitled text in the Bruce Codex – Cal Schmidt; translation and notes by Violet Macdermot (1978). Leiden: Brill, 345 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.

The Books of Jeu, also known as the Gnosis of the Invisible God, are two Christian-Gnostic texts in the Coptic language that are considered part of the apocrypha of the New Testament. The text of the two books is in the Sahidic dialect of the Coptic language, although some scholars believe that subachimic influences were present at the beginning, but the one preserved in the Codex Brucianus is a translation of the original in Greek, composed in the first half of the 3rd century. The Books of Jeu are part of the Codex Brucianus, an Egyptian papyrus manuscript, and are anonymous; at the end of the first book there is a title, Book of the Great Logos corresponding to the Mysteries, but modern scholars have identified the first two treatises of the codex with the two Books of Jeu mentioned in the Pistis Sophia (158. 18 ff., 228.35), a third-century Gnostic work, in which Jesus says that the “two great Books of Jeu” were written by Enoch while Jesus was speaking to him “from the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life in Adam’s Paradise”. “Jeu” is described in the text as the “true God”, derived from “Father”, the highest divinity.

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